January 2024 Lecture – Neil Patterson, Simon Sloan, Philip Matchett (NIAAS) – ‘What type of amateur telescope is the best? – The Big Debate’

Battle of the Giants

For the first lecture of 2024, we’ve decided to do something slightly different. For years now we have been debating, just what is the best type of amateur telescope? Well, its time to find out, we want you to decide for us! 

On Monday 8th January 2024, starting at 8pm Sharp, in Ballyclare High School Lecture Theatre we will be hosting the battle of the giants debate. Representing the Refractor Telescope, Neil Patterson. Representing the Reflector Telescope, Simon Sloan and finally, representing the Cassegrain Telescope is Philip Matchett!

We will be battling it out to give you everything you need to know, to make your decision at the end of the lecture as to what and who you agree with, and to answer to the question…. Just what is the best amateur telescope!

People… this is one not to be missed, it could get nasty, there is no rules, you may see grown men cry!!

Start off 2024 in style with us at the NIAAS. Hopefully after the lecture we will all still be friends and we can enjoy some tea, biscuits and friendly chat, however I have my doubts!