Constellations: Cygnus

Also known as The Northern Cross, Cygnus is a constellation of the Northern Hemisphere. Cygnus represents a flying swan located in the Milky Way. The principal star, Deneb, which marks the tail of the swan, forms part of The Summer Triangle with Altair and Vega. NGC7000 is visible to the left of Deneb and is the North American Nebula.  M29 is an open cluster of Mag7 and looks like a miniature Ursa Major, quite beautiful through a wide-field telescope. M39 is a very wide open cluster of Mag5. The cluster is impressive and despite its looseness, it is well defined and detached from the main Milky Way star field. Albireo is the 2nd brightest star in Cygnus and is also known as Beta Cygnus. It is one of the most beautiful double stars in the night sky. The 2 stars are coloured a rich blue and gold and are easily split, even at low powers.